Document Management system

Docmanager is a leading enterprise-level management solution. Hosted in our data centers, our 100% web-based solution will scale and adapt as your business needs grow. Docmanager empowers your customers, partners, and employees with the self-service ability to upload large files over Internet.

The system has attracted a critical mass of users who are finding transferring via e-mail attachments grossly inefficient or impractical when dealing with large documents.

For uploading such files – which browsers can't handle at all – our system is the only answer (e.g., for efficiently posting new HTML pages onto a Web site or sharing graphics-laden files).
WebCraft System Company offers the following cost-effective Document management solutions for various requirements:
Plan Name
Monthly Service Fee (HK$)
Setup Charge (HK$)
3 months
$ 2,000
$ 2,000
3 months
$ 2,800
$ 2,000
40GB (Dedicate server)*
3 months
$ 3,600
$ 2,500
*Intel Pentium IV, 40GB HDD (mirrored), 512MB Ram, UNIX

Who should use this system
Multi-users system
Reduce Call and E-mail volumn

  • All service plans prepay 3-months service charge
  • Global domain name (e.g., .com, .net,and .org) the charge is HK$400 per year.
  • Hong Kong Domain (e.g.,, and is HK$400 per year.
  • For a China Domain (e.g.,, the charge is HK$600 per year.

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