About US

Webcraft Systems Company is formed in 1997. We offer high quality Internet services. It includes web hosting service, E-mail management and E-commerce applications.

Webcraft has a team of creative designers and professional system experts to provide technical support to clients including Internet service providers, Internet content providers, web services providers, multimedia companies and system integrators. Apart from technical industries, we also build a close relationship with local and foreign magazine traders, hospitals, environmental institutes, schools, and properties.

We are using UNIX Servers and LINUX-based Cobalt Servers as our Internet server. Best chose for heavy loading web site for Hong Kong and Mainland China.

We have installed PIII powered servers and SUN Microsystems Cobalt web server to allow you have an error free environment for your business. We are connected to Internet though iAdvantage on a 355mbps backbone. Not only does this allow us to avoid possible bottlenecks in bandwidth throughput but it also gives us the flexibility of upgrading our services, depends on your needs.